Introduction of the book: Clear Observations.

Since my Out of Body Experience (OBE), when I was 4 years old, and my impressive Near Death Experience (NDE) when I was 15, my life was turned upside down. My psychological development took a great leap in a very positive way. Since then, I notice that there is much more between the sky and the earth, again and again. Because of this, my life has become more meaningful.

I heard wise things that, for example, I never heard during my upbringing. This was because those who raised me were not aware of this wisdom. It was clearly something outside of me, and them; but I could hear it. A sensitivity arose, one that had nothing to do with thinking materialistically. Status and money were not of interest, and since then, my life has been totally committed to the general wellbeing of everybody around me; including those who stood in the way of my own wellbeing because of blind fury, aggression or impotence and feelings of powerlessness. I gave love from an inexhaustible source.

Through my OBE and NDE, I was touched by a unique love, one that is difficult to express with words, and one out of which I draw an incredible inner strength. Nevertheless, I want to paint a picture of this beautiful world of this in my book. It’s some sort of universal love, a refined energy, which overrides all material issues and can be felt straight in the core of the physical body. It’s almost like a bundle of energy that’s ever present and maintains itself. Once I wrote a poem about this, there are more to follow in the book....


There is something much more powerful
than we can lift.
There is something much warmer
than we can feel.
There is something much more beautiful
than we can see
There is something with much more patience
than we could ever have.
There is an unnameable
love that is everywhere.

It is in front of you, behind you,
underneath and above you.

It is the beauty
of the rich hereafter.
It is not the love that is romanticised through thinking.

This form of love goes beyond the limited ‘thinking’ and could even be called ‘mystical. It has nothing to do with sexuality, and all the romanticised around this. After years of communicating with others, reading of books and testing how this beautiful refined energy of love discloses in the body, I noticed that only a limited number of people is able to recognise this sensitivity.
This intense warmth, and loving way of being compassionate towards everything that lives, which is natural in the contacts with the hereafter, seems to be scarce. Eventually, after years of research, I appeared to be a trance-medium. An expert in the field of Mediumship at the Zwanenhof in Zenderen (The Netherlands), added to this that I have been born with this gift; this gift of sensitivity. I would like to name this as part of the ‘subtle’, that which belongs to the sixth sense. This energy is so subtle that to this day, there are no instruments capable of measuring her.

I believe that the sixth sense becomes activated when the ‘thinking’, returns to peace with its limitations, as inner silence arises. The stillness of a personality. I am of the opinion that the vibration level of ‘extremely active thinking’, and this happens more often than not, is of a nature that the finer sensitivity of the heart and the awareness of the body is being ‘ousted’, the sixth sense is thus ousted because of a lack of inner peace. The hustle and bustle, as well as often unnecessary activities that make us unable to see and feel the finer things. Things that children are still open to, as they have not been conditioned constantly use their thoughts. They are called ‘new age children’.

In this book, every now and then, I will show how these types of brain activities and an abundance of ‘ego’ contributes to a lack of sensitivity and empathy. It is due to the workings of the sixth sense that a lot of problems are often solved on the level of ‘thinking’, but.....
Where is the sixth sense of so many people?
I think that, just as with animals, people naturally have a sixth sense, however, it seems like that this is ousted by too much thinking. I believe that thinking too much, is a handicap, even though people are proud of having been gifted with wit. Despite this, every day one can read in the newspapers how many problems this brings.

As a result, it brings us separation, psychologists and psychiatrists can tell us everything about this.

However, the sixth sense is a world with low brain rhythms, where a deeper bond is felt with what exists and moves between the sky and the earth. Everything there is love. Once you get a taste of this, it brings a sudden end to the hunger to be competitive despite others, and the hunger to fight wars. It is the end of me, me, me first!....
The exchanges I have had with spirits of those who have passed,
Angels and entities were of unknown beauty, filled with melancholy and deep compassion, warm solidarity, and moments of having been touched deeply. Moments also of dealing with pain and situations in which forgiveness can be bestowed. Seemingly endless or inner conflicts were solved and transformed, grief was cried out, and the shadow side of the consciousness was acknowledges and dealt with in a deep catharsis.
I give my special thanks to my wife Sonja. Without her, I would have never been able to write this book.
All people mentioned in this book and for whom I have given a ‘reading’, have been anonymised. This book aims to be a report of a beautiful world of Love from the hereafter. Contact with Universal Love is the art of the avoidance of too much ego.

Amorinda of the Eternity.