The Book: Clear observations

Readings from a Trance-Medium:
Contact with people, animals, Angels, spirits of those who have passed, and entities.

Author: Amorinda van de Eeuwigheid (Amorinda of the Eternity), (Pseudonym)
ISBN number: 978 90 8954 784 2
Order at the Elikser publisher in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands.
First book presentation by Elikser publishers on the 5th and 6th of September 2015, Art of life exchange, Doorn, Landgoed Beukenrode, The Netherlands.
Second book presentation: 30th of April 2016. Amorinda as stall holder at the Near Death Experiences conference (
Contact with Amorinda: Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Book review in magazine Terugkeer (Return), year 27 no 1, spring of 2016, foundation network near death experiences:
The author of this very personal book has, despite his highly troublesome childhood, found the opportunity to develop himself into a warm, highly sensitive and balanced human being. He grew up in a blended family where love and harmony were long lost, and where no child could grow up well-balanced, let alone a highly sensitive child. As a four-year-old, he was sent to border school and had an ‘enlightening’ experience: he was sleeping some sort of little camping bed out of which he fell... He broke his collar bone, and because of the pain, he reached the light (OBE: out of body experience). He was unable to discuss this in the environment he was in, and was made fun of. His father re-married, but this was not to lead to harmonious atmosphere in which the children and step children; they all suffered. Abuse, incest..... And for the author: a forced education in something which he would not have chosen himself.
During one of the crises in the home, he truly experienced a beautiful NDE, but yet again he was unable to talk about this. In this book, he describes his return to the person he really is. Working in the electro technical and construction fields was not easy for someone who was now clearly clairvoyant and experiencing high sensitivity. However, he was forced to neglect these abilities. Slowly but surely, he started the journey to find out who he really is, and learned how to cope with these unique abilities.
In his book he does not only describe this journey, but also how he learned to use his unique abilities, and how to-eventually- help people and even the spirits of their loved ones. He does this as trance- medium, he feels a presence- often on request-; holds back, makes contact with the presence, and helps to ‘rectify’ pain that has been caused in the past.
Aside of this, he has been in contact with his own previous lives, and even with loved ones from those lives. There have even been instances where, his premonition has saved his and his wife’s lives, who fortunately understands how special her husband is.
The naming of all the people and amazing experiences he has had the privilege of experiencing on his journey, would go very far. Often before I saw this warm, open tale, a ‘must read’, especially for all those who, after a NDE or similar enlightening experience, are in search of their ‘new self’ and are looking for ways to deal with their specific sensitivities. Even though there are currently quite a few books in which the author talks about their NDE and their life after this, we still all have to find our own ways. Amorinda’s book is, in my opinion, one that can surely help many on their way. His experiences are so recognisable, even though many may not experience them this intensely. This book is highly recommended!


Request of an experience expert:

I am looking for a work space- like a study room to write my new book. I am hoping to find a room that is approximately minimal 4x6m as I lack this space at home.
My next book will be about the process of dealing with years of abuse, physical and psychological ill- treat. This will include reflections on myself which I have noted down over the past 20 years. It will also be about love and the art of looking within yourself, finding solutions within yourself, and being supported by an expert every once in a while. I would like to support this book with work of famous authors such as C.G Jung, as well as several authors from his school, also S. Freud, C. Rogers, A. Maslow, A. Adler, E. Fromm, Prof. Dr. P.C. Kuiper, Irvin D. Yalom, J. Krishnamurti and D. Dennett. On top of this I am aiming to use pop-science books like those of D. Goleman, E. Aron and many more. There also will be attention to survivalstrategys, defencemechanisms, psychopathy and how to solve several forms of fear.

I have about 5 square metres of books and notes which I am unable to store in my own home, currently sitting in storage waiting for a new challenge. My book will also support all those who have fallen victim to mistreatment, and who may have some trouble dealing with the abuse, ill-trat from their childhood, as well as incest.
It will be a book that dives into the deep, and aims to offer solutions in a loving way.
If you would like to support this initiative and book financially, you can donate using the following details:

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