What is a Trance-Medium?

‘Trance’ means the exceedance of the conventional borders of the consciousness.
‘Medium’ means the information transferor of and to spirits of those who have passed, entities and Angels who find themselves on the platform from the fourth dimension. We all know the three dimensions of width, length and depth. Between these, there is a range of energies that can go in all directions. Think, for example, of radio waves. You can’t see them, but they are there. Just like electricity; you can’t see it, but it really is there. Even mobile phones send electromagnetic waves when in use. This is the so-called fourth dimension in which these waves are active. They are clearly present as they are measurable, but you can’t see them. We can only see height, width and depth with the naked eye. The energies of the fourth dimension are not seen with the naked eye; they are seen with the sixth sense. This can also be done with your eyes closed. The speed of the fourth dimension is comparable to the speed of a Higgs- particle. The energy waves of a trance-medium are also found from the fourth dimension, but are so delicate that they are yet to be measured. This could possibly be because it moves unbelievably fast. Spirits of those who have passed, entities and Angels move in all directions within the fourth dimension and further; it is a very delicate field of energy. These fields of energy can be ‘felt’ with the sixth sense.
All stories in this book have been recorded from the clear observations of the fourth dimension and further. Thoughts of people are energy waves which end up, and can be witnessed in space (cosmos) by those with a well developed sixth sense (read: telepathy). I invite you as a reader, to take a walk through this book with me..... And try to take in the content from a place of inner peace and silence.....